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Exporting references between project Topic is solved

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Exporting references between project

Postby iggyzso » 2011-02-22 14:42

System information: [ Citavi Version 3.0.1, Windows XP, Other language, -, -, - ]

Dear All,

I am just getting used to the new Citavi v3.
I wanted to export a reference from one file to the other, but it only gives me one project to which I can added to and doesn't give me the option to select another ctv file from somewhere else, like it used to. Is it a bug or I don't see it?

Thank you in advance for your help,
What I see on my screen

Re: Exporting references between project  Topic is solved

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2011-02-24 09:20

Dear Zsofia,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is indeed a bug, which I unfortunately could not reproduce. You should be able to see a list of all of your projects. Also, at the bottom of the drop-down menu you should see an option to select another project file from somewhere else (it's a known bug that this command is not yet translated in 3.0.3, but we're on it!).

Could you please install the latest version of Citavi (3.0.3) and let us know if you still have the problem after that? The update can be downloaded directly at and you do not need to uninstall your current version first.


Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: Exporting references between project

Postby iggyzso » 2011-02-28 09:40

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your answer, I am glad that I could be of help! I have downloaded the new version, and now it seems t be working outstandingly. Luckily, I understand German, so the language isn't a problem - it was the missing function that was causing the real trouble :)

Kind regards,

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