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Saving Web Pages Locally Topic is solved

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Saving Web Pages Locally

Postby joster » 2010-12-09 17:56

System information: [ Citavi Version 3.0.0, Windows XP, Other language, Internet Explorer 8, MS Office 2007, Acrobat Version 9 ]


Is it possible to save locally a web page? One can do it with PDF files, but it seems it is not possible with web page (at least I couldn't find a way).

Thank you,
José Terreiro

Re: Saving Web Pages Locally  Topic is solved

Postby Hugo Muckelbauer » 2010-12-09 21:37

Hi José,

In the Preview Pane click on the Tools menu (the cogwheel icon) while your website is being displayed there. Then click Save as. Citavi suggests to save the website as a .mht file which works fine with the built-in webbrowser MS IE.


Hugo Muckelbauer
Citavi Expert

Re: Saving Web Pages Locally

Postby joslund » 2011-01-01 16:19

Hi Hugo,

I just started using the trial version yesterday and am very impressed! So far, I am only having trouble with a few Internet items. I had the same question as José above regarding saving webpages locally, and tried the above recommendation, but I did not get the desired result. I am using Firefox instead of IE. Do you suppose that matters? For one thing, I added the web address where indicated in the preview pane, but it opened the website in another window, not in the preview pane, when I issued the "Open" command. Then when I went to the "Save as" command under the "Tools" menu, it only gave me the option of "saving all files in this project" and not just saving the files at that website. Are you talking about saving the website as a whole, or saving certain pages from within that website? Thank you for helping me understand how this works.

Janet Oslund

Re: Saving Web Pages Locally

Postby joslund » 2011-01-01 19:37

Hello again,

Nevermind,I guess. I left my computer for an hour or so, and when I returned, the website had loaded into the Preview Pane and the option to save as an .mht file had appeared, so I must not have waited long enough for the load.

After that, it was easy to carry on! Sweet!

Janet Oslund

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