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Paste with Names Reversed 1.0.1

PostPosted: 2011-12-16 17:08
by Jörg Pasch
This function has been already integrated into Citavi 4
This Add-On works with Citavi 3.1.27 or later.

Frequently, lists of names are provided in the format "first_name last_name" like this:
John Smith, Patty Jones, James Chang.

Citavi requires "last_name, first_name" :
Smith, John; Jones, Patty; Chang, James;

This Add-On performs the swapping when pasting using the right-click menu:


After installing, just right-click in a person field in Citavi and click Paste 'first name last name' as 'last name, first name'.

Download Paste with Names Reversed 1.0.1