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Custom Bibliography Sorting Topic is solved

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Custom Bibliography Sorting

Postby jayjaymal » 2014-08-08 11:11

Hi, I have some tricky sorting requirements for the bibliography and having a bit of trouble finding a solution.

Is there any way to have the bibliography automatically sort by categories?

What I am trying to achieve is the following, and currently using categories to do it:
    1. All references sorted/grouped by reference type (exact order doesnt really matter as I can manually rearrange in final copy, but was hoping to use categories for this).
    2. Court Decisions and Statutes sorted/grouped by jurisdiction (I was hoping to use categories for this).
    3. Court Decisions and Statutes are then sorted by Title.
    4. All other references sorted by Author and then Title.

Basically for 1 & 2 I was hoping to solve by putting references into categories and then sorting by that. So for example I have a category for "Court Decisions" with sub-categories for each jurisdiction, then category for Statues with sub-category for jurisdiction, and so on.

I was able to get Court Decisions and Statutes sorting by title, and other references by Author using the programmed option in bibliography settings, but could not get the category sorting working. Can you help?


p.s., I tried saving a grouped bibliography, which is good, but the references in each group do not then sort by the custom settings I need above...

Re: Custom Bibliography Sorting

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2014-08-08 15:09

Hello, jayjaymal,

thank you for your question. We do have a script that can produce a list of references like this. However, this script only works if this list is created by the Word Add-In or the Format publication function of Citavi.

In order to customise the script for you, we need some more information. Which citation style are you using? If it is a custom style, please send us the file located in Documents\Citavi 4\Custom Citation Styles. To transfer the files, please use our secure upload service. So that we can match the files to the issue, please put the address of this page in the message field.

Please give us a detailed description of the fields you want to use for grouping and ideally an example of what you would like the final output to look like, too.

Kind regards
Sebastian Pabel
Site Admin

Re: Custom Bibliography Sorting

Postby jayjaymal » 2014-08-09 02:41

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I am using a custom style, I'm in the process of creating one to comply with the New Zealand Law Style Guide (NZLSG) (it the official style for all legal work in NZ). It is still a work in progress but have uploaded the ccs file I am working with at the moment.

I have also uploaded an example copy of a manually formatted bibliography so you can see what I am trying to achieve.

Essentially what the NZLSG requires is that sources are grouped by type (eg, cases, legislation, books, journals, etc...). Cases ("Court Documents") and legislation ("Statutes") are then divided by jurisdiction (country) and sorted according to title. All other sources are simply grouped by type and then sorted by author then title.

So the end result looks a little like the following (comments after //):

Code: Select all
I.   Bibliography

A.   Cases // Grouped by "Reference Type" or Category; Sorted alphabetically or by Category order}

1.   New Zealand //Grouped by Category or "Custom Field x"; Sorted alphabetically (can manually put NZ at top)
//Each reference sorted by "Short description
Armitage v Paynter Construction Ltd [1999] 2 NZLR 534 (CA)
Re Goldcorp Exchange Ltd [1994] 3 NZLR 385 (PC)
Wong v Burt [2005] 1 NZLR 91 (CA)

2.   Canada
Galambos v Perez [2009] SCC 48, [2009] 3 SCR 247
Lac Minerals Ltd v International Corona Resources Ltd [1989] 2 SCR 574 (SCC)
Re Rogers [1929] 1 DLR 116 (Ontario SC)

B.   Legislation

1.   New Zealand // Could use "Legislature/Authority" for this, or Category, or Custom Field x
// Each reference sorted by "Title"
Property Law Act 2007
Trustee Act 1956
Trustee Amendment Bill 2007 (144-2)

2. United Kingdom
Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1908

C.   Books and Chapters in Books
//Each reference sorted  by Author and then Title (for same or no author)

Butler, Andrew (ed) Equity and Trusts in New Zealand (2nd ed, Thomson Reuters, Wellington, 2009)
Campbell, Emily and others “Protectors” in Hayton, David (ed) The International Trust (3rd ed, Jordan Publishing, UK, 2011)
McGhee, John (ed) Snell’s equity (31st ed, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2005)

D.   Journal Articles

Bove, Alexander “Exposing the Trust Protector” (2012) 151 Trusts & Estates 48
Bove, Alexander “The Case Against the Trust Protector” (2011) 37 ACTEC Law Journal 77
Fratcher, William “Uses of Uses” (1969) 34 Mo L Rev 39
Hayton, David “English fiduciary standards and trust law” (1999) 32 Vand J Transnational Law 555
Hayton, David “The Irreducible Core Content of Trusteeship” in Oakley, AJ (ed) Trusts in Contemporary Trust Law (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1996)
Hodson, Peter “The trust protector: friend or foe?” (2006) 12 Trusts & Trustees 8

E.   Parliamentary and Government Materials

(11 October 2007) 642 NZPD 12335
Law Commission Review of the Law of Trusts: A Trusts Act for New Zealand (NZLC R130, 2013)
Law Commission Review of the Law of Trusts: Preferred approach (NZLC IP31, 2012)

So for the top level grouping (A, B, C, ... in the example) I can probably simply use the "Reference type" field. For the Statutes I think it would be no problem to use the "Legislature/Authority" field.

However, for "Court Documents" there is no field currently which properly captures jurisdiction. The "Court" field is used to capture the level of court (eg, District Court, Supreme Court, etc...) and I was hoping to avoid using too many custom fields, so was thinking to use categories for the required groupings rather than fields.

I am not too worried about the sorting of the groups, as it is easy to rearrange those in word, but the sorting of each reference within the group is what I want to achieve.

Because the NZLSG covers a wide range of different publications and topics I was also conscious of the fact the groupings might need to be flexible, so that was another reason to think of using categories for the grouping. To show you what I mean for categories I have also uploaded a copy of the latest backup of one of my current projects. This approach would mean when using the style it would be easy to decide how to group the bibliography by creating categories (which would be the titles for each group) and then dragging the references into the appropriate category.

If the category approach is a problem the following might work:

    1. Group by Reference Type (ideally Court Decisions and Statutes at top, others alphabetically - but easy to manually rearrange so not a problem)
    2. If Court Decision sub-group by Custom Field.
    3. If Statute sub-group by Legislature/Authority.
    4. If Court Decision sort by Short description and then Year (derived).
    5. If Statute sort by Title and then Year (derived).
    6. All other references sort by Author and then Title and then Year (derived).

Anyway, I hope that makes sense (also sorry for long reply!!) Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Re: Custom Bibliography Sorting

Postby jayjaymal » 2014-08-10 23:35

Just FYI. Having given it some more thought over the weekend I am now thinking it would be better to control the bibliography using custom fields, this will mean categories can be used more flexibly which may suit other people who may want to use the style.

I have been playing around with sorting the references by Custom Field 9, set up to be a list. Seems to work very well. If there is a way to group by a field, and then sort according to the reference type rules for cases and statutes I mentioned, that may be ideal.

So a simple solution that only requires minimal manual editing may be:

1. Group by Custom Field 9 (or other custom field, to be manually sorted later).

2. If Court Decision sort by Short description and then Year (derived).

3. If Statute sort by Title and then Year (derived).

4. All other references sort by Author and then Title and then Year (derived).


Re: Custom Bibliography Sorting  Topic is solved

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2014-08-11 13:23

Hi jayjaymal,

Thanks for your questions! We should be able to program a bibliography sorting that groups references in the way you described. Did you know that we also create citation styles as long as author guidelines are available and as long as the style is an official style of a periodical or publisher? Since legal styles are quite complex, we likely won't be able to create a style that perfectly matches the guidelines, but we would be happy to create an NZSG style that reflects the reference types currently available in Citavi. If this is of interest, please fill out our online style request form:

We can also simply send you the code for the grouped bibliography if you would prefer.

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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