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Edited books and their contributions both in bibliography

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Edited books and their contributions both in bibliography

Postby juanita » 2017-06-23 20:23

Dear all,
could somebody help me to find a (in-text, author-year) citation style, where not only the cited contributions in edited books are listed in the bibliography, but where the edited book would also appear on its own in the bibliography? Or is there some sort of trick, how to make them both appear in Word? Here's an example, what I am approximately looking for:

Contributor, Sarah 2012: The Contribution's Titel. In: Mark Editor (Ed.), The Title of the Edited Book. City: Publisher, 1-20.
Editor, Mark (Ed.) 2012: The Title of the Edited Book. City: Publisher.

I would be thankful for any advice.

Re: Edited books and their contributions both in bibliograph

Postby Susanne Sitzler » 2017-06-26 09:16

Dear juanita,

Thanks for your questions.

The following citation styles include parent references in the bibliography, if multiple contributions of an edited book are cited:
  • Cambridge University Press (Author-Date)
  • CMOS Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (Author-Date)
  • MLA Modern Language Association, 8th ed.
Or, You can use the Citation Style Editor to modify your existing style:
  1. Press Shift+F11. Or, on the Citation menu, click Citation style > Edit citation style.
  2. Choose your style and click Edit.
  3. If it is an included style, you cannot edit it directly. Therefore, Citavi creates a copy of the style. Enter a name for this copy.
  4. Begin making your changes.
There, under File > Citation Style Properties > Bibliography > Sorting you can select the "Automatically include parent references in the bibliography" checkbox.

Best regards

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Susanne Sitzler
Citavi Customer Service

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