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Springer basic (alphabetical)

PostPosted: 2016-05-28 18:17
by piotrsmolnicki
Dear Citavi Stuff,

I use Springer basic (alphabetical) citation style. I have two problems:
1. At the beginning of references internet documents appear first;
2. I don't know the authors of few of 60 references, thus they appear at the beginning.
How to solve these problems?

BTW. Should I add "unknown author" or "anonymous" to the references I do not know authors?


Re: Springer basic (alphabetical)

PostPosted: 2016-05-30 10:18
by Jennifer Schultz
Dear Piotr,

Thanks for your questions! Generally, you should cite the organization responsible for the webpage if no author is available. You can enter it in the Institution field. If you also don't know which organization is responsible, you would usually just leave all person and organization fields empty, and the work will be cited by its title. I wouldn't use "Anonymous" for websites without an author, since your style (and most journal styles) just cite by the title if the author is missing.

Both the styles "Springer Basic Number (alphabetically)" and "Springer Basic (Author-Date)" shouldn't sort sources without an author at the beginning of the bibliography. Instead, all sources without authors should be sorted alphabetically according to their titles. Could you please check that the correct style is selected in your Word document and then click Refresh? Does the sorting change after that?

Best regards,

Re: Springer basic (alphabetical)

PostPosted: 2016-06-01 00:21
by piotrsmolnicki
I think it works wrong only with "Internet documents"
1. Emerson S (2016) Uber Wants Us to Think It's Environmentally Friendly, But Is It? ... nvironment. Accessed 25 May 2016
2. Audi AG (2016) Audi at home. Accessed 22 May 2016
3. Dort PM van (2016) GM Futurama. ... ama-1.htm#. Accessed 06 Apr 2016
4. Kessler S (2015) The "Sharing Economy" Is Dead, And We Killed It. Five years ago, everybody was excited about the idea of using tech to borrow things like power drills. In practice, though, not so much. ... e=facebook. Accessed 15 Sep 2015
5. Volkswagen (2009) The Fun Theory. Ac-cessed 21 May 2016
6. Citymapper. The Ultimate Transport App. Ac-cessed 12 May 2016
7. Project Interzone. Accessed 21 May 2016
8. Altoon RA, Auld JC, Egan N (2011) Urban transformation. Transit ori-ented development and the sustainable city. Images Publishing Group, Mulgrave, Vic

From 8. to 62. everything is correct becasuthere are no "Internet documents"

Re: Springer basic (alphabetical)

PostPosted: 2016-06-02 08:30
by Jennifer Schultz
Hi Piotr,

Thanks for the examples! I checked the style again and was able to reproduce the problem for Internet documents. This style actually has a programmed bibliography sorting, so it seems to be on purpose that the internet documents appear at the beginning of the list. To fix the problem, you can create a copy of the style and then build in the following custom sorting in our FAQs (in German only): ... ieren.aspx

There, download the code under the link "Programmcode Version 1.1 (Citavi 5)". Unzip the file. In the Citation Style Editor click File > Citation Style Properties > Bibliography. Under Sorting select Programmed (for experts)" and then click Customize. Click File > Open and then open the code you downloaded. After that, click Save and then click OK. Make sure to save the style before closing it.

After that, select the style in your document and the references should be sorted as expected.

Please just let us know if you have any additional questions!

Best regards,

Re: Springer basic (alphabetical)

PostPosted: 2016-06-03 12:31
by piotrsmolnicki
Since its done in purpose I will send my manuscript manually moving "References" heading in between of [7] and [8] and add a new heading "Internet sources" at the beginning. I will wait for editors answer.

Yet, there are some sources like lectures, which are also from the Internet but included in References, such as:
18. Doctoroff D (2015) Event Welcome and Keynote Session. Disrupting Mobility Summit, Media Lab Building, Cambridge, MA

It makes me confused, since it's from the Youtube ;)